With the global recession affecting small businesses, it is no wonder that many have closed down or in danger of folding up due to financial reasons. After all, money for additional capital can be hard to secure these days especially with the tight banking regulations and the tight money.

When coupled with the soaring expenses that add up to the ruin of mismanaged companies, the possibilities of availing of cash advance to shore up business finances suddenly become much more tempting. As well as it should be, since cash advance can help your business survive the tough economic times if and when used properly and judiciously.

Where to Use It For

Before availing of cash advance, you have to make a plan and stick to it. You have to plan how to use the proceeds lest it goes down the drain needlessly and yet you still have to pay for it. And pay you must because it is still a loan, no matter how you look at.

You can use the cash advance in many ways like:

* Purchase new equipment or repair old equipment necessary for expansions or continued operations

* Purchase additional inventory to keep up with customer demand

* Pay the monthly rental and other utilities

* Build new buildings or remodel existing offices

* Pay employee salaries

* Emergency purposes

Whatever your reason, you have to make sure that the money will do your business good. Otherwise, you might just become the next recession victim due to fiscal mismanagement; you do have to pay for the loan still!


The very smitten Juliet said to her equally besotted Romeo: “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. Of course, Juliet might not have known then that roses by any other color, combination and number have different meanings attached to them, what with their ill-fated love being first love!

To this day, the rose remains to be the universal symbol of love across cultures that celebrate Valentine’s Day. However, roses do not exactly come cheap especially when candles, cupids, cards and chocolates are thrown into the gift basket!

It’s a good thing that a handy-dandy cash advance can be had easily. But first, you must know the intricacies of rose-giving.

Colour Me Pretty

When it comes to roses, you can choose from many colours to spend part of your cash advance on. Of course, each one has meaning that can aptly describe the relationship between the giver and the recipient as well as the emotions being conveyed.

The general guide is red roses for love and passion; yellow roses for friendship; white roses for true love and purity; pink roses for the fine balance straddling friendship and relationship; lilac for love at first sight; orange roses for enthusiastic desire; blue roses for an air of mystique; and black roses for farewells.

Of course, you probably should not give black roses on Valentine’s Day because you might be breaking somebody’s heart on the day of hearts! And that would be a waste of your day and your cash advance, which you still have to pay, by the way.


Ontario’s Family Day was decreed in October 2007 as a statutory holiday by Premier Dalton McGuinty, the said event officially starting on February 18, 2008 and henceforth on every third Monday of February. Though the declaration of the holiday was initially met with skepticism and protests, it has evolved to become a treasured holiday in Ontario.

Although the Family Day need not be expensive, you can make it more special by providing for bonding activities that bring the family members closer to each other, which can involve spending some money. If you don’t have the money to finance these activities, then the payday loans Canada allows in its territories can be your solution.

Words of Advice

However, this does not mean that you can splurge money to aim for quantity of activities. You have to remember that quality also counts and more often counts the most! That being said, here are words of caution on availing of payday loans, Canada having quite a few rules on them to protect the consumers.

First, you have to check on the requirements for the payday loans. Canada’s regulations usually do not cover this aspect because each company has its own policies on the documentary requirements. However, you can expect to provide only the minimum of requirements like a certification from the employer of continuous employment for a specific period and a bank account. Your private details need not be splashed for everyone else to see.

Second, do not go overboard and get carried away with payday loans. Canada’s Family Day as celebrated in Ontario, as previously stated, need not go overboard either! You have to avail of the smallest amount necessary to cover the expenses for the long weekend ahead. Doing otherwise could put unnecessary pressure on your finances.


I have worked as a financial advisor for over 20 years now. With my experience, one could say that I know exactly how economy works and how it affects our everyday lives. That statement is about right, but if there is something I have learned over these years is that there is one thing we will never truly understand or control: chance. Sometimes, finance is all about chance. You might be incredible at money management and have a very good credit history, but there are some aspects of life which are simply uncontrollable.

A divorce, the arrival of a child, a health emergency or a simple car breakdown. Those things cannot be predicted most of the times and they can surely ruin a spotless credit rating if the person does not have the economic means to face the situation. In this article we will discuss payday loans and how they can give you a hand during hard times.

Payday What?

Cash advance loans are widely known nowadays, so I assume everyone knows about them. But this assumption might be wrong. If a person has never faced the need of instant cash, they might be unfamiliar with this type of loan.

This type of loan is perfect for those who find themselves low on cash one or two weeks prior to their pay day. This lack of money could be due to an emergency of any sort and can be easily remedied with one of these loans. If you constantly find yourself low on money, payday loans are not for you, as it will turn out to be quite an expensive habit. They are meant to be used once in a blue moon and as an exception, so do not think of it as an easy source of cash because you might end up losing money in the process.

The amount of money you can get with this loan is between $500 and $2500. You will be facing an interest rate as high as a 25% of the loan amount over a month, which is extremely pricey compared to the interest charged on most loans. This might seem like a high price to pay for the right to use such a low sum of money, but if you are going through an emergency and you need the money right away, the price will seem more than acceptable. Besides, these loans are approved within hours and the money is wired as soon as the approval is completed. Very convenient.